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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Over three generations the Danzer family and its employees have considered responsible forest management as an essential part of our business. This includes the respect for the social conditions of our workers and the communities our companies operate in. Social and environmental responsibility go hand in hand for today and future generations.



Reliable values have a long tradition within Danzer. Integrity, reliability, responsibility and trust are as much a part of our mission statement as our willingness to engage in dialogue, our ability to learn or our response to criticism.

Commitment to sustainable forest management: The business activities of Danzer involve using the natural resource of wood sensibly. We respect the principle of sustainable forest management both in choosing our suppliers as well as in managing our own forests.

In more than fifty years of doing business internationally, we have successively acquainted ourselves with the specific aspects that must be taken into account in other cultures and their consequences for our commercial commitments. Especially in less developed countries, circumstances are often so complex that there can be no simple answers, but only differentiated approaches for solutions.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders: We are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with various international non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and local social project groups. In doing so, we always pursue the goal of keeping debates objective and finding steps toward constructive action. We want to help people find their own way. Working together not only with the local residents, but also with NGO's, we all learn how to support and promote sustainable development.

With its Sustainability Reports Danzer underlines this commitment. The reports are written according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting guidelines. They cover the business years 2014-2016. The reports feature extensive data and examples from around the world that collectively capture some of Danzer’s key sustainability efforts and impacts. The reports serve as a baseline for discussions with stakeholders and future improvements.

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