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Responsible Sourcing


Responsible Sourcing

Danzer UK is committed to implementing and maintaining chain of custody requirements in accordance with all applicable verification and certification standards in use by the company.


At Danzer UK we undertake a robust due diligence system on all timber products we purchase. This process has achieved Preferred by Nature LegalSouce certification (formerly known as NEPCon) which demonstrates our due diligence system conforms with UKTR requirements.

Any wood product that Danzer imports into the UK is subject to the Danzer Due Diligence Process to assure legality based on all information available.

Danzer UK are signatories of the UK Timber Trade Federation's Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) since its inception. The RPP is an acknowledged due diligence tool within which we can identify and eliminate the risk of illegal timber entering our supplier chain.



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Following the UK Timber Regulation, we obtain and evaluate:

  • all necessary information concerning the wood and wood products, such as country of harvest, species, quantity, details of the supplier and documentation or other information indicating compliance with the national legislation;
  • systematic assessment of the risk of illegal timber in the supply chain based on information identified above and taking into account all relevant criteria set out in the regulation;
  • implementation of risk mitigation measures and procedures if risk is identified, including requiring additional information or documents and/or requiring 3rd party verification. This specifically includes measures to exclude with a high probability the risks of falsified documents and certificates.

Ahead of any procurement commitment, a risk assessment establishes the level of potential legality risks that may arise from the respectiv wood species, country of origin, forest of origin, or supplier.

In case of potential risks, Danzer gives preference to procure goods supplied with an internationally acknowledged certificate confirming legality as a minimum requirement or preferably a confirmation of both legality and responsible forest management. Danzer verifies the correctness of all certificates.

If such certificates cannot be obtained, Danzer will either initiate its own audit procedures to verify legality or forego the proposed procurement.

The above provides the assurance you need that any timber product supplied by Danzer has been legally sourced.