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Africa’s forest dwellers win Conversations about Climate Change competition


Africa’s forest dwellers win Conversations about Climate Change competition

Gorillas, Bongos, Forest elephants and Chimpanzees team up with British architect Tom Wilson in ‘Forest dwellers’, one of the winners of the Conversations about Climate Change competition. Is it possible to sustainably harvest timber and natural products, contributing to ethical and sustainable economies, as well as safeguarding habitats, biodiversity and the health of the Earth? The four Forest Dwellers have been conceived to ask this very question.

Each is made of a timber from its natural forest habitat, sustainably produced by INTERHOLCO.

The future survival of these creatures, and countless others, is inextricably linked to the survival of their forests: through seed dispersal, they act as ecological architects. But these Forest dwellers are all endangered, or even critically endangered, according to IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). Tropical forests are often taken advantage of, and forest land is cleared for other uses, according to Timber Trade Federation CEO David Hopkins. That is where responsibly foresting and sourcing timber become an ‘essential part of the solution’ to prevent habitat loss and to reduce harmful carbon emissions.

For his ‘Forest dwellers’ project, Tom Wilson's Curio studio was provided with timber sourced through INTERHOLCO’s production site in the Republic of Congo, a country working towards FLEGT-licensing.

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