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Danzer IT-Systems Mostly Back to Normal


Danzer IT-Systems Mostly Back to Normal

March 26: Danzer IT-Systems Mostly Back to Normal

Six weeks after the cyberattack on Danzer, all business critical IT-systems are working again. Email-access, key production and finance IT-systems are up and running; several secondary systems are still affected and will only be fixed over the next months, though.

In the last six weeks, the Danzer IT-Team has been supported by external IT-security specialists, from day one after the attack. The external specialists identified a highly professional intrusion and attested a very skilled response and comparably quick reestablishment of services by the Danzer IT-team. Danzer’s CEO, Hans-Joachim Danzer thanks everyone involved: “In response to the attack, our fine Danzer IT team has worked closely together and leveraged all skills globally. I have been impressed by everybody’s competence and sincerely thank the entire team for putting in all the extra hours that were needed to get things back together; this extends to the highly qualified outside help from our IT-security consultants.”

It is still too early for Danzer to evaluate the overall effect of the IT outage. Danzer could avoid major production shutdowns; the main cost is expected to come from the cumulated effect of lost productivity in production and office functions. The company didn’t have access to data for several weeks, but has no indication of data being stolen. Most Danzer business partners were understanding and supportive; some customer orders couldn’t be fulfilled in time and have been lost.

In parallel to reestablishing Danzer’s IT-systems, the company is hardening its security measures. “We know that attacks like these can never be prevented with 100% certainty, but we want to be even better prepared, in the future”, concludes Hans-Joachim Danzer.

March 14: Update on the current IT situation at Danzer

Over the last two weeks, Danzer's IT experts have tested all systems and prepared them for recommissioning. The global IT systems are now being reactivated step by step and Danzer will soon return to normal operation. Various systems are already up and running and some of Danzer's employees have e-mail access again. Others, however, can still only be reached by telephone.

We thank you for your understanding and will keep you informed here.

Original message from February 26:

The IT systems of global hardwood specialist Danzer have been attacked illegally, last week. As a result, all Danzer IT systems worldwide were shut down. IT security experts are working hard to solve the issue. The IT systems shutdown is expected to still last several days. Danzer’s business is operating normally despite the restrictions caused by the IT outage. Danzer is going to inform regularly about new developments on its website.

At present, Danzer business partners can reach the company only over the telephone at all Danzer locations.


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