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Danzer UK has awarded maximum points for their supply chain by WWF UK.

Danzer UK has awarded maximum points for their supply chain by WWF UK.

Danzer UK takes maximum points in WWF analysis

Dornbirn (Austria)/Maldon (United Kingdom). Danzer UK has been awarded maximum points in the Timber Scorecard: the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) UK initiative is targeting a changeover to 100% sustainable wood sourcing for the UK market by 2020. To help achieve this goal, the organisation assessed 122 companies in a three steps between 2015 and 2019, looking at the sustainability of their supply chains.

The Timber Scorecard, which was initiated by WWF UK with numerous companies from the timber processing industry, adopted the goal of full sustainability for the British timber market by 2020. In a three-step process, the organisation assessed 122 companies at two-year intervals between 2015 and 2019, tracking the sustainability of their supply chains. Danzer UK achieved the maximum number of points available in each of the three assessments carried out since 2015. 35% of the companies assessed were awarded the maximum of three points, with 34% receiving zero points. 20% were given two points and the remainder one point.

Danzer supports WWF’s goal of 100% sustainability for the timber sourcing
“We are delighted to have achieved the best possible rating for all three years – something that only three other timber companies managed beside ourselves,” confirmed Danzer UK CEO Ken Walsh. “We wholeheartedly support calls for full sustainability and socially responsible procurement and supply chains for the UK timber industry,” he added. As a company that holds certifications for chain of custody and for a due diligence system conforming to EUTR requirements, Danzer UK already has a strong focus on sustainability, transparent timber sourcing and processing.

Timber Scorecard: individual steps up to 2020
To help achieve its goal of responsible and sustainable wood sourcing, WWF UK evaluated the results of its biennial assessments, fine-tuned them and adapted them to the changing requirements wherever necessary. Working towards its 2020 objectives, it monitored for compliance with its objectives and adjusted its guidelines accordingly. “Each assessment enabled us to draw fresh conclusions – the fact that we performed so well in all three assessments shows that we are on the right track and we will continue moving in this direction,” Ken Walsh concluded.

Download the full report here: https://www.wwf.org.uk/timberscorecard



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