As one of the world's largest veneer producers we not only offer a broad selection of the main species of veneers, but also an increasing number of innovative products that allow for differentiation and an increased productivity.


Why limit wood designs to one species only? Danzer offers the combination of different species at an industrial scale; a standard range as well as the possibility to create your own combinations.

Vinterio Nimbus are boards of high grade lumber glued together that result in a multi-coloured speciality veneer.


Only few veneer logs exhibit a highly decorative figure. This makes figured veneer pricey – and often hard to get. A new technical solution persistently alters the natural grain structure of the wood to a genuine figure.

Applied to quality veneer, this newly developed process secures a consistent supply of fine figure across a wide variety of species.


People love to feel wood. That is why we at Danzer have added veneer with a special touch and feel to our offerings.

Like raw, freshly sawn lumber, the veneer exhibits a slightly rough surface. That makes it distinct from non-wood surfaces and allows for rustic, relaxed designs. Backed by the industrial partner and process of Danzer, a consistent availability of any desired quantity is assured.


For a reliable supply of vintage wood on an industrial scale, Danzer developed the perfect solution.

With a new, all natural accelerated aging process, beautiful vintage wood becomes available in industrial dimensions and quantities.


Refurbishing old wooden structures often results in valuable unused beams. We at Danzer scout for those beams and put them to a beautiful second use.

Sawn into lumber or sliced into veneer, you get a perfect environmentally friendly product.


Eucalyptus is a very fast growing wood species, native to Australia and Tasmania. There are more than 600 varieties of Eucalyptus. Today man has brought them to many regions in the world. Danzer has screened the best suppliers worldwide and has secured reliable sources for high quality material.

You can choose between three different textures from our production:
flat, figured or pommelé, allowing for interesting designs on its own or in combination.


Procuring a consistent supply of high quality rift cut veneer at a competitive price is often challenging.
Danzer has developed a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Danzer Linea is made from the real species, you get what you see, consistent high quality veneer. As a cut-to-size product, Danzer Linea has an excellent yield, compared to a comparable rift cut veneer.


Wood is a natural product.  The recent trend towards rustic looks perfectly suits the inherent qualities of the material.  Made of lumber boards glued together.

Vinterio Rustic exhibits a solid looking plank effect.  The inclusion of wood characteristics emphasizes the pure character of the surface.  Sheets come in fixed dimensions allowing for predictable economics.


For centuries, there have only been the same five cuts for veneer: Flat, half-round, quarter, rift and rotary cut.
At Danzer, we have created a new cut and a repeatable fresh look.