A revolutionary in-house process on an industrial scale that allows the moulding of veneer three dimensionally without cracking. Both the structure of the wood and the texture of the veneer are unchanged in the process. 3D veneers allow the design and industrial production of wood organic shapes.


In the past, bending and forming wood veneers had been possible only within very narrow limits. The research of Rehoiz, a young innovative German company, bought by Danzer in 2008, started a new era for wood design.

3D Veneers allow to design - and industrially produce - wooden organic shapes, light weight structures, form following coatings etc.


Fulfilling extravagant customer requests in wood design can be technically difficult. With our team of experts for Danzer 3D-veneers, we offer - for a broad range of applications, from automotive show cars to demanding details in interior design.

It is best to discuss your ideas with our experts in an early project phase. Based on your first drafts and drawings, we will develop and realize the right solution with you.


It’s been more than 70 years since Charles and Ray Eames experimented with molded wood. As the designers pushed the material as far as it could go at that time, they surrendered to the design process that ultimately led to their Molded Plastic Chair.

Creating the classic shell chair out of wood was finally made possible by Danzer’s revolutionary 3D-Veneer technology. The result is an elegantly shaped, comfortable but strong and durable shell. This is an authentic Eames product by Herman Miller; produced in USA with material made in Germany.